Humans of Campbell River: Beach Fire Brewing

Humans of Campbell River is a collaboration between Destination Campbell River and Bluetree Photography. Showcasing the stories of those who call our coastal community home. Each week we deep dive into a new story and the connections between people and place. 

I grew up on Quadra so I always thought of CR as the big city. Once I got here I realized it really was the perfect size. I’m an avid outdoorsman that is always awestruck by what CR has to offer no matter what the season or weather. Mountain biking is my one big passion and CR is still impressing me with what we have to ride.


I’ve been friends with the head brewer and owner Darrin Finnerty for 25 years, He always wanted me to home brew with him before the brewery opened. I told him it was too much work for so little beer. Also, he was always willing to share so why waste the effort. Once the brewery opened I realized I was willing to put the effort in. I have worked a very scattered career, a fish plant worker, water and wastewater utility worker, even retail and they all apply to working at the brewery. I have worn many hats and all the hats are useful as a brewer. 


I love the challenge of being efficient. Being the brewer at Beach Fire has really put this passion to the test. Making great beer is easy as long as you’re able to keep track of 42 things at once. I sometimes only make good beer because I could. Good times is the song battle that will happen before opening on a brew day. Everyone working will try and one up the previous person’s song.


 Looking back at the brewery I realize my whole life gave me the skills I get to be a great brewer and co-worker to some of the hardest working people I know. Our regular customers are proof that CR appreciates and values the brewery’s contribution to our “big city” 


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