Drifted Creations Scavenger Hunt

The Drifted Creations come from the mind of Alex Witcombe a local artist who was inspired by his surroundings and began to construct elaborate creations out of the driftwood that covers our beaches. Many of his creations were donated as public art and are located throughout our region. With new sculptures popping up throughout the years finding them all has become a scavenger hunt for locals and visitors alike. Meet the creations below and start planning your hunt strategy. 

1) Sarah the Hererrasaurus (formerly Raptor)

In 2020 Sarah was damaged, but thanks to the community’s crowdfunding efforts, Alex was able to give her a makeover to a Herrerasaurus and restore to her rightful place.  Sarah is a little elusive crouching in the bushes on the south end of the Rotary Seawalk. Find her to bring Jurassic Park to life! 

2) Peabody the Raccoon 

Peabody has made his home on the seawalk, he is very friendly and has become known as the offical Campbell River greeter as he waves to all those that drive along Hwy 19a. He is known for his community spirit and is often decked out to celebrate upcoming holidays and events. 

3) Richard the Seal 

Richard hangs out at Dockside Fish and Chips, where her real life counter part also lives. 

4) Chadwick the Cougar

A member of the Destination Campbell River team himself Chadwick spends his time at the Tyee spit welcoming visitors. 

5) Bruce on Spruce 

You can find Bruce the bear hanging out in the Campbellton River Village at the end of Spruce Street. 

Bonus Creations 

Mayhew the Sasquatch 

Like most sasquatchs Mayhew is elusive, he has found a home on the beaches of Rebecca Spit tucked away off the beaten path. 

Fergus the Fox

You can currently find Fergus hanging out at the Campbell River Visitor Centre. He also rides atop Toasty the Beach fire Mobile. 

If you need a bit of help finding all the drifted creations check out the map below for a cheat sheet. 

You can find Alex and more of his work over on his facebook page Drifted Creations.