Your Essential Guide to Chasing Waterfalls in Campbell River and Region

There is a wealth of stunning waterfalls all over Vancouver Island. Highway 28 winds its way between Campbell River and Gold River has over 70 waterfalls (in the rainy season). Here are some of our favourites to explore! So grab a friend and go chasing waterfalls. Don’t forget to share your photos with us using #DiscoverCampbellRiver.


Elk Falls

Directions: Located about 2km out of town take Hwy 28, turn at Brewster Lake Rd and park in the day-use area.

Length: 2km

Drive Time from CR: 10min

Elk Falls are stunning year-round, from your vantage point on the suspension bridge you can see the Campbell River wind its way down to the falls. Which plunge down 25m into the canyon below. In the winter, increased water flows make seeing the falls a truly unforgettable experience. If you have time check out the upper trails, Moose Falls and Deer falls as well.


Elk Falls from the vantage point of the suspension bridge

Lupin Falls 

Directions: Take Hwy 28 west to Strathcona Provincial Park, the trailhead is at the beginning of Buttle Lake Rd.

Length: 800m, about 20min

Drive Time from CR: 1hr

The 20-minute looping trail around Lupin Falls leads through a mossy forest and over creek beds. The waterfall itself cascades down the high rocky bank to the creek below. Lupin Falls can be overlooked as Strathcona Park has so much to offer, but the secluded nature makes it the perfect spot to start your waterfall chasing adventure.



Lady Falls

Directions: Take Hwy 28 west to Strathcona Provincial Park,  the trailhead is located right along Hwy 28.

Length: 900m, about 20min

Drive Time from CR: 1hr

The trail to these falls leads through an old-growth forest, towering cedar trees draped in moss, create a colourful canopy. Once you’ve wound your way through the forest, the path ends with a viewing platform that offers great views of the powerful Lady Falls.


tyler cave-Owned-2491-wl-7ae45da2-4ce6-41fc-8b91-42005a94bd0a-large

Karst Creek 

Directions: Take Hwy 28 west to Strathcona Park. The trail is about halfway along Buttle Lake Rd.

Length: 2km, about 45min

Drive Time from CR: 1.5hrs

Karst Creek is one of the lesser-known waterfalls in Strathcona Park, but this hidden gem is one of the most beautiful places in the park. The trail leads to the cascades of Karst creek, the waterfall flows over limestone, fallen logs and moss, giving the falls a forgotten prehistoric vibe perfect for exploration.


tyler cave-Owned-2491-wl-8d5f76a1-5b9c-4a15-8e98-20f6efc6b584-large

Lower Myra Falls

Directions: Take Hwy 28 to Strathcona Provincial Park. Trailhead is located at the end of Buttle Lake Rd.

Length: 1km, about 15 min

Driving Time from CR: 1.5hrs

Lower Myra Falls is one of the highlights of Strathcona Park. The falls dramatically cascade all the way down into buttle lake. The water here is brilliant green and blue. When flows are low Hikers can follow the cascades down to the bottom of the falls. A photo of these falls is sure to guarantee your next  #waterfallwednesday is a success! If you have the time we suggest checking out Upper Myra falls too!


Happy waterfall chasing, tag your pics with #DiscoverCampbellRiver!

lower myra falls