Finding a Way Home – People of Campbell River Part 3

In celebration of Giving Tuesday Canada, Destination Campbell River partnered with Erin Wallis – local photographer, story-teller and all-around good “Riverite” herself – to highlight some of Campbell River’s unsung heroes. Here is installment 3 of 5, to make your heart smile and think about the world in a different light.

Erin Wallis; 

This next lady Nikki Watts, who I couldn’t NOT feature!  I received countless messages about her kindness, her incredible dedication to CR PAWS and the facebook group she manages “Lost and Found Animals of Campbell River” which she volunteers her time tirelessly to, helping reunite families with their pets.  She has 5 dogs and 3 cats of her own and when I asked her why she does what she does she smiled and said, “because animals are important.”


I received messages with words like,  “She is the ultimate animal advocate here in CR. She will go out in the middle of the nite to rescue an injured animal, she will go to people to pick up pets that have been found wandering….she is amazing.” Another noted, “She puts in so many hours dedicated to having pets find their homes again.  She is selfless and does it with her whole heart.”
“She has helped so many people find their animals and is involved with CR Paws helping the feral cat population & rescuing abandoned animals”, I received countless messages like these. If you’ve ever had a pet missing, you’ll recognize how stressful and heartbreaking it is. Having someone like Nikki willing to drop everything and help you be reunited, is invaluable, to see how you can get involved or help with CR PAWS, reach out to this group, view their site and contact them directly.