Vancouver Island Salt Co.

4600B Regent Road, Box 7 Station Main, Black Creek

Vancouver Island Salt Co brings you a taste of the great Canadian Pacific with its beautiful, all-natural, unrefined sea salt hand-harvested with care from the cold, clear waters in Oyster Bay on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

​These fine sea salts, flake sea salt and sea salt flavour infusions are loved by chefs, home cooks, foodies and nutritionists alike.  We are proud of our “merroir”, a truly pristine water source, and our conscientious, sustainable production that leaves naturally occuring trace minerals intact in our salts.

The delicious result? Vancouver Island Salt Co sea salts have the amazing ability to enhance the flavour of your favourite food whether you’re using them for cooking, baking or finishing a dish at the table.

Discover our small batch Vancouver Island Sea Salts – a happy harmony of mother nature and the tides, patience and artisanal craftsmanship.