EAGLE ITINERARY noun, ea·gle ˈē-gəl - Noted for its strength and power of flight, the Eagle takes to the skies to discover new perspectives.

Luke Konarzewski Edits: Nikki Riddy
Luke Konarzewski Edits: Nikki Riddy
Bluetree Photography
Bluetree Photography

Start Your Day in Comfort

Make your way to The Island Grind for a light breakfast and warm drink. This airy and bright cafe offers specialty coffees and local snacks that will help set the mood for the day’s sky-high adventure. Featuring a different local artist each month, be sure to take a moment to see the art displayed on the walls.

Explore the Great Outdoors

After your morning pick-me-up, take your eyes to the skies for a flightseeing tour. Getting a bird’s eye view of the region will leave you with a greater appreciation of the diverse topography and rich landscapes. We recommend choosing a tour that takes you along the Strait of Georgia, through the Discovery Passage and around Quadra Island, offering great views of the Seymour Narrows – renowned as some of the most treacherous waters on the island. Keep your eye out for whales travelling the water!

Discover the Community Culture

After your aerial adventure wind along the river on your way back into town, pull over at the Haig-Brown Heritage House. Roderick Haig-Brown was a notable conservationist and his riverside property captures his appreciation for the natural world. Meander through the scenic gardens along the banks of the Campbell River, and keep an eye out for fly fishers wading into the river in search of salmon and trout.

Share Your Stories of the Wild

Gather over local tapas and craft beer at Beach Fire Brewing & Nosh House. This brewery has quickly become a local favourite,  with ever-evolving food and beer menus, there’s always something new and seasonal to try – ask for a flight to sample some brews, and order a few dishes to share together while you relive the day’s adventures. 

Suggested Flightseeing Charters

Air Nootka

Corilair Charters

49 North Helicopters

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