Humans of Campbell River: Corilair Charters

Humans of Campbell River is a collaboration between Destination Campbell River and Bluetree Photography. Showcasing the stories of those who call our coastal community home. Each week we deep dive into a new story and the connections between people and place. This week we’re sharing the story of the Coriliar Charters

I came to Campbell River about 8 years ago for a job opportunity. My husband and I lived in several communities throughout western Canada as I was building my career in aviation. When we arrived here with our first son, we fell in love with the area and knew this was going to be the place we would call home and raise our family. What I love about this coastal community is the access we have to the ocean, mountains and forests. The people here are amazing and we fell in love with the small town, close knit feel.


My Dad was the one that sparked my interest in flying. We lived in northern Manitoba with a lake as our front yard and my Dad painted a picture in my mind of a floatplane parked at the end of our dock.  That image has stuck with me ever since.  I have now been a commercial pilot for 18 years and hold commercial fixed-wing and rotary licences.  I got my start flying skydivers which was a blast.  I worked my way up from first officer to Captain on medevacs in Northern Alberta, flew cargo and passengers in Saskatchewan, captained a corporate jet internationally and flew a helicopter. After all that, the picture of the floatplane was still in my mind and I haven’t looked back.


I’ve been with Corilair for 6 years now and love flying the west coast. I enjoy the real “hands and feet” flying, the constantly changing weather on the coast, the people and industries we serve and the stunning scenery around us. Every day is different from the next, it keeps the flying exciting.


 One of the fun parts about my job is taking people out on our Historic Mail Flight. We bring passengers along on the flight as we deliver mail to the post offices in the Discovery Islands as well as pick up/drop off other passengers along the way. The passengers love visiting these “off the grid” communities we service. It’s such a different perspective to see as we fly around the islands and inlets. When we arrive back at our dock, the passengers comment how lucky I am to do this job. I agree, I am very fortunate to be doing something that I have been dreaming about since I was a kid, it’s pretty awesome!


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