Relaxing Family Escape

How to make sure your family getaway is relaxing for everyone 

A family of 3 standing at the Ripple Rock View Point

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For many families, it’s been a while since everyone could spend time together in the same place. This is where your Campbell River staycation comes in: a time for relaxing and recharging. At least, that’s how you’re feeling until about two days in when things might start becoming considerably less relaxed. 

Not to worry, we have plenty of tips on how you can make sure your family vacation feels like just that – a vacation. 

1. Before you go

Whoever is joining this ‘holiday’ – kids, teens, etc. know that everyone has a different travel style and expectation about what this staycation may look like. So, before you start packing your bags, download our Campbell River Collection App. We’ve handpicked the best family-oriented activities in and around Campbell River, so all you have to do is choose your favourites and enjoy the escape.

2. Opt for new four walls 

The best part about a staycation? New digs and an escape from the daily grind! And while hotels are great and all, you’ll find that having a bit of space for everyone to stretch out will make it feel more like a home away from home. We’ve got some great bed and breakfast options close to downtown, or you can try some of our cabins or resorts a little further out. 

3. Don’t create a rigid schedule 

The best memories are the ones you don’t plan. And nothing is less relaxing than a tight itinerary with no leeway. Now that you know about our best family-friendly activities, you can take it easy. Sleep in before heading into town for breakfast at one of our many cafes. Or, grab a warm drink to-go from The Island Grind, and head to Ken Forde Park for a walk by the water. The point is, start your day your way – nobody wants to be hustled out the door at 7 am for a day crammed with planned activities. 

While loosening up on the schedule is a must, we suggest assembling a little travel kit. Have the essentials handy: a face covering, picnic blanket, sunscreen, insect repellent and a waterproof jacket (we’re in B.C. after all!). Also, make sure to pack some snacks for when the kids get hungry. Don’t feel like making the snacks? No worries, call up Session for a snack to go!

Stairs on the Ripple Rock Trail

4. Lose track of time in the great outdoors 

You’re in Campbell River, meaning there’s beautiful scenery in every direction! No need for indoor voices here – we’ve got trails, waterfalls and canyons all within a short drive from downtown. Whatever you do, make a pitstop first at Daves’ Bakery for some baked goods – there’s nothing quite like tearing open a box of their famous donuts after a day of exploring. 

5. and if it rains…

Yeah, that might happen. Fortunately, rainy days just add to Campbell River’s charm. And we’ve got quite the list of stuff to occupy yourself with if that happens. Check out the Campbell River Art Gallery and/or the museum, or pick up a take-home art kit from the Crow’s Nest Gallery and create your own souvenirs.

Relaxing Family Escape

6. Make time to unplug 

We know how easy it is to get distracted by work emails or your group chat, so here’s a controversial idea: arrange some unplugged time. Ask everyone to put away their phones and other devices, order take-out from SoCal Restaurant or Beach Fire Brewing then kick back by the fire and play some board games, or snuggle on the couch and watch a movie. Or, head to Tyee Spit for a beach fire. We promise you’ll forget all about your Instagram feed in no time. 

Make your family escape more rewarding

Whatever your plans, our Campbell River Collection app will be like your travel fairy godmother – full of fun ideas and useful local tips that’ll guarantee your family catch-up is a fun and relaxing one. Intrigued? Check out all of the Campbell River Collections to discover more!