Adventure at Any Age in Campbell River

Last summer Destination Campbell River partnered with @michaelrhack to help him and his grandmother check off an adventure on their bucket list. Both long time residents we invited them out for a helicopter tour of the Discovery Islands and lunch at the Dent Island Resort, to enjoy an entirely new perspective of the Campbell River and Strathcona Region. 


My Grandmother has an adventurous soul and often talks about the things she still wants to do, despite being well into her 80’s. I attribute my own spirit of adventure to her and try to enable her continued adventures whenever I can. One of her “bucket list” items was to go in a helicopter and see Campbell River “like the eagles do”. This past summer, Destination Campbell River and 49 North Helicopters helped make her dream into a reality and took Grandma on a heli-tour over Campbell River and the Discovery Islands to Dent Island Lodge for lunch, an experience of a lifetime. After the flight we sat down for an interview to find out what drew my grandma to Campbell River and why she enjoys living here! 


How long have you lived in Campbell River?

I moved to Campbell River in 1971, which makes it about 49 years that I’ve been living here. Our first-time visiting Campbell River was in 1958, when we lived in Vancouver. I went fishing for the first time here in Campbell River and caught a fish, which was very exciting! My husband caught a 43lb Salmon and to this day I believe that is the reason we ended up moving here!

What is your favourite thing about Campbell River?

The mountains, the ocean and the friendly people! It also reminds me of Switzerland, which was where I was born and where I lived before moving to Canada.

What do you like about adventuring in Campbell River and Region?

I like that I get to spend time with my Grandson who is always taking me to places he’s been and that I get to ride in his truck to places I could never go. There is always something new to see even though I been here for 49 years!

What did you most enjoy about the heli tour?

I enjoyed being above everything and seeing Quadra and all the islands from a different perspective. I especially liked seeing saw ocean rapids and Humpbacks swimming from above. What a neat way to see such familiar places! I also enjoyed the company of such bright and young people and that we had a capable pilot! (LOL)

Did it change any perspectives you have about the region?

It reaffirmed that I chose the right place to live when I came here all those years ago!

What is the one thing everyone who comes to CR should see?

You cant pick just one. The big trees, Elk Falls, the hatchery when all the fish are in the river and all of the beaches! Each time of year has something different to do and see. 


My Grandmother’s spirit of adventure has taught me you’re never too old to try something new, and even after living in Campbell River for almost 50 years, there is always something new to see. Her experience has only strengthened her vigour for adventure, so naturally, the next item on our adventure bucket list: A flight over the mountains and glaciers!