5 Reasons To Try Cold Water Diving in Campbell River

Amazing visibility, kelp forests and tons of marine life. There’s a world of wonder waiting for certified recreational divers to try cold water diving in Campbell River. With the right drysuit to keep you warm, an experienced guide and a thirst for adventure, you’ll be ready to explore our underwater ecosystem in no time at all. Here’s why you should give it a go.

1.Dramatic drops and crystal-clear water

British Columbia’s waters are rated amongst the top temperate diving spots in the world. The combination of unique underwater formations and crystal-clear water makes for an other-worldly experience. Visit the Copper Bluffs to see the dramatic drops and massive boulders which are talked about in scuba blogs and magazines across the world.

diver clear water (1)
clear water diver (1)

2. Schools of salmon

Snorkelling with a school of salmon will open your eyes to the power and grace of these creatures. The Campbell River is one of the best places in the world to do so, float down the river to the estuary, and observe the salmon swimming upstream to spawn. Prime snorkelling season begins in August and continues to September. The best way to experience this offering is with a local guide.  

salmon-1 (1)

3. Curious kelp fish

With cascading walls down to over 100’ (30M), Steep Island is one of the most unique diving sites in British Columbia. Keep your eyes out for the kelp greenling fish, swimming scallops, rocks scallops, octopus and the other creatures that frequent these waters!

stone fish (2)

4. Colourful flora and fauna

Teeming with marine life due to the large nutrient tidal exchanges, the waters of Campbell River are more colourful than you might think. For seasoned divers used to warmer climates, temperate diving offers an entirely new outlook. Discover the aptly named tube worm, clusters of sea anemones and macroalgae of varying hues during your chilly underwater adventure.

pole sponges (1)
pipe plant (1)

5. Playful sea lions

Steller Sea lions are one of the many marine mammals that call our waters home. When diving in the Discovery Passage is it not uncommon to encounter these curious creatures. If a sea lion approaches you when out diving be sure to remember that they are wild and you are in their habitat, stay relaxed as they dart around you. Local operators are experienced in what to do when it comes to encounters with marine mammals.  It is strongly encouraged to book an excursion with a dive charter if you are interested in exploring our waters!


Discover the top places, to explore the underwater ecosystems surrounding Campbell River.

Cold tip: One of the best times to dive around Campbell River is in the winter. The water is at its clearest when the temperature drops between 43 to 57 (6 to 14 C).