5 Activities to Turn Up the Heat in Campbell River

Who says romance has to be relaxing? Sure, spa days are nice, but maybe what you really want is to take your partner on an unexpected adventure, where you can challenge the status quo and see the world in new ways. So if you can’t think of anything better than exploring the outdoors with your favourite person, then it’s time for a trip to Campbell River.

Out here, we believe the couples who play together, stay together! With plenty of opportunities to get outside and go a little wild, it’s the perfect place to get off the beaten path and still spend the night in the comforts of home. Don’t know where to start?

Here are 5 Campbell River experiences to spark some romance:

1.Set Sail on a Wildlife-Watching Tour

If you’re the type to adventure past the harbour, say bon voyage to solid ground and head out to sea on a whale watching cruise with a naturalist aboard Discovery Marine Safaris, or head out with Campbell River Whale Watching for wildlife and rapid tours (tides permitting), keeping an eye out for orcas, humpbacks, Pacific White-Sided dolphins, and other marine life. Even the island landscapes are a sight for thrill-seekers, with tidal rapids, coastal waterfalls, and remote inlets that set the scene for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. Looking for all of the above, but want to see what lays beneath the surface, Big Animal Encounters provides the opportunity for you both to discover a underwater world through the waters of Discovery Passage, taking wildlife viewing from on the water to beneath, with snorkelling and cold water diving experiences that will leave you wondering if you’re in the tropics.

2. Take to the Skies on a Helicopter Flight

Real-life thrill-seeking means no rest for the active, so set your alarm early and treat your copilot to an elevated point of view on a sunrise flight. With 49 North Helicopters, you can take your pick between a short-but-sweet tour sightseeing over the city or a full-day flight exploring glaciers on the Coastal Mountain Range. Either way, soaring above Desolation Sound and the Discovery Islands with your partner is a surefire way to get both your hearts racing.

3. Ease into the Evening with a Paddle and Pizza

Wind down from your adrenaline rush day by spending an evening on the calm waters of the Campbell River. Book a local guide from Island Joy Rides to take you kayaking through the Campbell River Estuary, where a mix of freshwater and saltwater create a unique ecosystem, enjoy the wide range of wildlife and eye-catching birds, like bald eagles and blue herons. Back on shore, you’ll tuck into a hard-earned, homemade pizza (you may think you’re in Italy!) served in an outdoor dining area riverside, providing you with the nourishment you need for another day of outdoor excursions.

4. Spend a Full Day Fishing and Refueling

Get an early start on a fishing excursion with Coastal Wilderness Adventures and cast your line for another good catch! No matter your skill level, an experienced guide will show you the ropes for catching salmon, lingcod, and rock cod or dropping traps for prawns and crabs in out in the saltwater. Or you can head to the river to tackle freshwater fly fishing, scope out a lake to score some trout, and take home incredible memories.

Plus, a pit stop at the Beachfire Brewing and Nosh House is the perfect excuse to relive it all over shared plates and craft beers before heading to a cozy cottage at the Driftwood by the Sea Inn and RV Resort.

5. Swap Stories Over an Outdoor Breakfast

When it’s all said and done, there’s nothing quite like simply taking in the scenery. Spend a morning recapping your fun-filled weekend at Dolphins Resort, where you can fill up on food and spectacular views from their outdoor patio. Just don’t forget to look up from your plate long enough to watch for passing whales and other marine life! On your way back to Comox Airport, make it a point to walk through the Museum at Campbell River to learn more about the region that left you with your fair share of exciting experiences.

Whether it’s your first trip together or your 50th, it’s easy to keep your romance active with our Campbell River itineraries. Remember to follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts, and share your photos using the hashtag #DiscoverCampbellRiver to set #CoupleGoals for all your friends back home.