6 Essential Local Traditions

Between drastic seasonal changes, captivating Indigenous traditions and an ever-growing events calendar there is always an opportunity to have a unique experience in this area. These 6 local traditions are just the beginning. Check out our events calendar to find more! 

First Nations Carving AND Art

On June 21, 2019 Spirit Square becomes the place to be with lively celebrations marking National Indigenous Peoples Day. Dancing, music, and food bring everyone together to recognize and honour the achievements, history and rich cultures of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples in Canada.

The history and Kwakwaka’wakw people’s connection to the land are all over the city with amazing locally carved totems and works of art. The legends and iconography of Vancouver Island’s first people are evident in carvings of creatures such as the Thunderbird, Raven, and Eagle. Carvings are embedded in the community and can be viewed on display at the Campbell River Museum, and at several high-quality galleries in the area.

Transformations on the Shore- End of June

With the rich history of carving engrained in the traditional territories of our area, this annual summer event produces massive wooden pieces that have decorated the town for decades. Started in 1997, “Transformations on the Shore” allows visitors and residents to watch novice and professional chainsaw carvers create majestic sculptures out of wood. When the festival is complete, the creations are placed in scenic spots around town for all to enjoy. Don’t miss this event marked for June 19-23, 2019.

Live Music at Spirit Square June- August

Located directly in the heart of Campbell River, Spirit Square is a social hub for residents and visitors alike. With mountains visible in the distance and neighbouring shops, restaurants and accommodation, the square is the meeting of the city’s natural and urban scenes in the heart of the Cultural District. During the summer months, musicians play free shows in the sunshine, drawing people together for relaxing and invigorating community events.

TYEE CLUB- July-September 

With five species of salmon swimming through our waters annually, this wonderful region is famously known as the “Salmon Capital of the World” and easily identified as a sport fishing mecca. Inspired by the Indigenous people who have fished for Tyee here historically, the Tyee Club of British Columbia founded in 1925 to celebrate, honour and protect the conservation of the species. Membership in the Tyee Club is open to anyone willing to test their skill at sport fishing. Following a strict set of rules, one can earn the coveted title when a catch of thirty pounds (or heavier) is successfully caught and recorded from a classic row boat.

Holiday Truck Parade- End of November 

The city’s annual holiday parade is celebrated and iconic childhood experience for Campbell River’ites. Local residents and businesses adorn their trucks with Christmas lights, floats and messages then parade down the coastal stretch of highway when night falls, ending in the heart of the city. This historic event features cement trucks, boats, utility vehicles, and even perfectly decorated school buses. Starlit shopping in the city center following the parade brings the community’s holiday spirit to life. Mark the calendar this event happens November 29, 2019.

Salmon Festival Logger’s Sports & Highland Games- Early August

The signature of the annual Salmon Festival is a logging skills competition that captures the attention of the entire island. For over fifty years, competitors have competed in events like wood splitting, tree climbing, log rolling and even axe throwing. One of the top five largest logging events in North America, Logger’s Days are spectator- friendly and incorporate the essence of Campbell River; a city intertwined with its natural surroundings. This year August 9-11, 2019 is on the books! 

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