Eagle Heaven Off Campbell River Shores

All information and photos were provided by Garry Henkel owner and operator of Aboriginal Journeys .

The region of Campbell River is renowned for having some of the most unique and treacherous tides in the world. The many rapids here create natural phenomenons, one of which is found in the Arran Rapids. On any given day from May to July, up to 300 bald eagles can be found congregating to feed when the ocean currents are at or near their peak flows. The eagles come to this area to hunt for the North Pacific hake, a fish that can grow up to one metre long and has an average lifespan of 20 years.

eagle soaring

Whirlpools are created in the Arran Rapids when two strong opposing currents meet and create an upwelling of the water, or a vortex effect. These whirlpools are deadly for the hake, and push the fish to the surface, trapping them and making them easy pickings for the eagles to feast upon.

eagle with hake

During the spring and summer months, visitors boating by are treated to an aerial show where bald eagles swoop and dart around with hake in their talons. If you look to the nearby shores of Jimmy Judd Island, you will see hundreds of eagles digesting their lunch from the tree tops. This area has been nicknamed “Eagle Heaven” by Garry Henkel, owner and operator of Aboriginal Journeys wildlife tours. “The area is a magical and spiritual place to witness one of nature’s greatest wonders.”

eagles in the trees jimmy judd

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